This is a case study from a student who took part in
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Name: Robert Corrigan

Niche: eBay

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Are the following email titles familiar? Newbie makes $1,000 000 in less than an hour! Build a list of millions in a day. Millionaire gives you the secret to his success, copy my plan and retire in 30 days.

Ok I may be exaggerating (slightly) but how often have you been taken in by hype like this. Well I confess that I have more than once. I bought a “millionaire system” which came with the product, a ready made website, email support all of which was described as ready to go, so easy a child could do it.

Guess what I did not have a clue where to start and amazingly this was not explained. To cut a long story short I still have the product, there was no email support; I only got a reply when the seller wanted to sell me another of their products. Lots of us have bought a pup but in this case I seem to have got a full litter.

It was therefore with some trepidation that I signed up in February 2009 to the John Thornhill Masterclass. Although I was still very apprehensive I had known of John for several years I had bought some of his products through his eBay shop. I have been on his mailing list for several years and he had always delivered an amazing amount of free content and advice. John has an enviable reputation as a good honest guy.

So what was my experience of the Masterclass program? Well needless to say it was completely different from the previous system I had bought. Every week we were taken step by step each week through the process of buying a domain name, setting up a hosting package, and starting a blog, all the things that had been so mysterious to me were now revealed in a series of detailed videos delivered each week. So within 2 weeks I had my own presence on the web at:

There was extensive guidance and advice on choosing a niche for my product; we were guide through this process with a series of exercises to help clarify our thinking. Over the weeks we were shown how to construct and edit web pages, the use of article marketing to promote the product.

My product was selling on eBay, Amazon and beyond, as an eBay PowerSeller, I wanted to teach my system to others so I created Plugin Auction Profits a three module system that takes you from eBay to e-commerce in 3 easy steps. With the help of Johns video instruction I recorded 19 videos, and an Audio interview with a PowerSeller. I also produced a ride along workbook and a sourcing directory. In short a complete course on setting up your eBay and Amazon business.

With this amount of content I fell well behind in the program, but the value of the support materials is that you can work at your own pace; there was no pressure from John to keep up with the pack. Support was only an email away but the instructions were so clear that I only used the support system twice during the program. Johns support manager answered all my questions often within hours. A completely different experience from my “millionaire system” experience.

Having completed my first product, I am now part way though my second product, thanks to John's tuition I am confident that I can “rinse and repeat” as the phrase goes. I have my own mailing list and send a weekly newsletter to all my subscribers. And now I know what I can do to sell the “millionaire system” product thanks to John I now know what to do.

The best investment you can make is the investment you make in yourself, the most important part of this is to find the right mentor, John Thornhill is that mentor.

Robert Corrigan

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