Ambitious, Hard Working Individuals Who 
Want To Work With Me Personally  And Finally Discover What it Takes To Succeed Online.

From: John Thornhill, Full Time Internet Marketer.

Dear Friend,

I hope you don't mind if I start by asking you a personal question? How much money have you spent trying to make money online? I'm guessing if you're anything like me you have spent thousands of dollars looking for the path to success. And let me tell you many times you probably bought the right product that would lead you down that path.

However, I have to be brutally honest with you here, you were destined to fail right from the start. You see, you can buy all of the money making eBooks, training videos, home study courses, software tools, etc and you will still fail. And here's why!

 You Need To Be Taken Down The Path To Success!

Does this sound like you?

"I have tried many different types of business but have yet to succeed. I need a low cost very easy (broken way down, step by baby step) way to see some success so that I feel I can accomplish what others have done. A lot of Internet Marketers assume too much and skip over some of the very basic steps to succeed online."

Or this?

"It's great to tell people how to succeed. There is no shortage of that type of product out there. However, showing someone how to succeed is much more important... I personally consider myself to be a bright person, but much of this info - marketing info products - is overwhelming. I need a step by step guide to the entire process."

Or maybe this?

"I'm tired of everyone PROMISING they can make me a millionaire. I want to work at this and make it happen. I'm an honest person and don't want to lie or cheat in order to make money. I know there's got to be SOME honest people left in this world."

Could this be you?

"John, I feel so brain dead and up against a wall with this stuff. You would be my hero of all time if you could somehow cause me to see through all this maze of stuff and make serious sense of it all to where I can just take off and do it with confidence."

I have received many many more similar cries for help over the years.

Look, only a few short years ago I was in the same boat. I struggled online for almost four years then by complete accident while browsing eBay I discovered ...

Information Products.

After doing a little research I realised people were crying out for information, so much so that I quickly discovered that I could sell information in digital form and automate the whole process. Fast forward five years and over one and a half million dollars in sales and my business has become a huge success.

And what you have to remember here is I am technically making money for selling fresh air. As silly as that may sound you have to realise an information product is digital. Once an information product is created you can sell it over and over and over again as many times as you like and take 100% of the profits.

Because Of The Information Age You Can Live A Dream Lifestyle.

Way back in October 2007 I revealed how I ran my business day by day for a full month on my Blog. you can check it out HERE! Many people were shocked to discover that I only worked 4 days per week and for a few hours each day. This because I have learned to automate my business. That is what makes this business so fantastic. Once you create a new digital information product the whole sales process can be automated and your business can practically run itself.

Hi John

This is quite simply the most enjoyable testimonial that I've ever written because without your help and support I wouldn't be here now.

In June 2007 ago I was a tired school teacher, and now I'm a full time marketer spending my time doing what I'd always dreamed of.  If it wasn't for your help and support then right now I'd still be in my old classroom rather than working from the comfort of my own home.

Thanks for all the help and support via email, and if you give your new students even 10% of the help you gave me, then there's going to be a lot of new marketers going full time in the near future!

Thanks again for the help John, and all the best with your new program.

Lee McIntyre

Name: Omar Martin

Niche: Internet Marketing

Website: www.omar-martin.com

Product: www.highperformancesalessecrets.com


From Omar to John: Posted on Omar’s Blog.

Hello John,

This is a sincere “No Nonsense” review and depiction of your training course. I know there are many marketers out there offering expert training and internship programs and perhaps someone reading this right now is contemplating whose coaching they will follow. I just want to share my personal experience over the progression of your coaching program in hopes to dispel any myths and give an accurate depiction of what I endured and learned as a student.

I am by no means a “computer expert”. I am a sales coach and trainer by trade. I graduated from medical school in 1996, I ran an injury clinic in Queens NY for a little over a year and I served as a paramedic for the New York City Fire Department for many years until the 9/11 tragedy. I then became a door to door salesman where I rapidly excelled to open several offices. I now train and develop expert sales people in every industry all across the USA.

I decided to begin an Internet Marketing business in 2006 and had been struggling at it since I started because of my lack of technical knowledge. I initially found John Thornhill through eBay and have been on several of his mailing lists for a couple of years. I have also been a part of the 90 Day PowerSeller Website for about a year. His forum provided lots of useful information for me and he supplied an abundance of products to get started but I still lacked direction and focus with regards to my online business.

It seemed like every time I got an email from some other marketer promising the “end all be all” answer to my challenges I would fall under the “promotion spell” and buy their product only to be pulled in yet another direction. I was spinning my wheels for months, investing countless hours and not even making enough money to cover my listing fees and other online expenses. I was becoming very discouraged. Then I got John’s email explaining what his training course was going to be about. I must admit that I was sceptical and the price tag did raise an eyebrow. It came shortly after I had made a huge investment on some real estate and my finances were a bit thin at the time. I took a leap of faith and invested in his coaching program because he had been the only marketer that had truly shown a “genuine” interest in my personal online success. I knew it would sell out fast so I sat at my computer and waited for the exact launch time to click “submit.” I was very fortunate to get in.

It seemed like John became my “best friend” in that instant and the lessons began to arrive. From day ONE I was glued to my computer screen. It was like nothing I had ever experienced in all my years of schooling. I played his training videos over and over again until the information sank in. I was able to pause, rewind and learn at my own pace. I listened to him so much that I have even developed a British accent! LOL…

When things got blurry in my mind John and his support team were only an email away. They answered my questions clearly, concisely and immediately. Plus, they never made me feel stupid or afraid to ask about anything. They practically held my hand till I was confident to charge ahead. By the end of my second week I had already learned to easily manage the technical components of my own webspace. (A task that just seemed impossible to me before the class.) I had my own blog site up and running… www.Omar-Martin.com was born! I started getting subscribers and earning an AdSense income on my blog by the end of the first month. Then John began to guide me through the “product creation” process.

I invested approximately 4 hours per night on the computer and followed his every step. He helped me choose my “Niche” and develop a top notch product over the course of the second month. More importantly, he taught me the “Mind Set” that I was lacking to be successful. That was when it all “clicked” in my head! I invested every spare minute into my business and by the third month www.HighPerformanceSalesSecrets.com was born.

This is where things started to get really interesting for me. There was still a month left in the course and I already had a blog and a product up, running and making me money! Plus I was already getting subscribers on my list. I thought “What else can he possibly teach me?” So I anxiously waited for my new lessons every Monday. Then I was pleasantly surprised to lean how to drive traffic to my websites and create “bonus” products to increase conversions. Brilliant! Hence, my seven day sales mini-course was bourn along with my Free brandable report “Winning The Sale”

Ok… now things got real serious real quick. The money and subscribers really started to pour in. By the time we were in week 15 I already had over 200 subscribers to my list and made over $1500 in commissions! This is not lip service. I was truly amazed.

It gets even better… John taught me how to embed links for my higher priced products within my eBooks and I generated a referral sale at www.meltravel.com from my initial eBook launch. That 1 sale made me a $1000.00 commission! Plus I had generated over $75.00 in affiliate sales and Google AdSense clicks. Now that was exciting! A grand total of $1566.00 CASH profit so far from the launch of just one product!

I chose to take it to the next level and started creating my follow up products. The course has been over for 2 weeks now and I have a total of 5 more products created and ready to launch! This has all been thanks to John’s coaching; Daniel’s help and a little bit of elbow grease on my own part. John has left no stone unturned with this coaching program. He has filled in all the blanks for me and now I actually have an internet “business” instead of just a cash consuming unproductive hobby.

The best part about it is not just the money I’ve made but the knowledge I’ve gained. I now possess the skills to repeat this simple process over and over to generate a solid diversity of multiple income streams. I am finally making money in my sleep instead of just dreaming! For the sceptics, rest assured I am the real deal, I’ve never even met John! I live in Palm Bay Florida and he’s in the UK.

Feel free to visit my blog at www.omar-martin.com and see for yourself. Or grab a copy of my High Performance Sales Secrets. If you seriously want to make money online, I suggest you stop wasting your time and just learn from John as I did. He will never steer you wrong, I am living proof and forever grateful.

To Your Internet Marketing Success,

Omar Martin

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I Am Going To Teach a Handful of Lucky
People How To Duplicate My Success.

After my success over the last few years I have decided to dedicate my efforts to helping as many people as I possibly can duplicate my success by launching my very own Internet Marketing Masterclass program, but this is no ordinary program. Here's what makes my Marketing Masterclass program stand out from the rest:

  • My Marketing Masterclass program will last 36 weeks. Yes, a full 36 weeks so if you were looking for a quick fix this is not it. This gives me time to take everyone involved step-by-step from beginner to accomplished marketer.
  • You will be personally trained by myself. Not someone sitting in an office working for a company that I have sent you to.
  • You will get personal access to myself and my staff 24 hours a day. You can even contact me via telephone in emergency situations.
  • You can ask for my advice any time you want and you will get a personal response from me if required. Not my staff.
  • Basically, I will hold your hand and help you every step of the way. No one will be left behind.

  Am I Qualified To Teach You?

If you have been a subscriber of mine for any length of time you already know that I have always strived to help as many people as I possibly can. I have created many successful products that has helped thousands of people, but what you may not know is I am constantly helping other marketers in their everyday tasks.


I am regularly consulted and asked for advice on a whole range of topics ranging from product creation to product marketing. In fact it's quite possible you have already asked me for advice in the past yourself. And I like to take pride in the fact that not one email goes unread nor a single JV request goes ignored. I remember what it was like when I was starting out so I know what a lot of new marketers are going through.


What you also may have noticed is I never promote the latest 'Guru product of the week'. In fact over 90% of the promotions I ran in 2009 were for products created by people I have helped get where they are today. So I have already trained a large number of people successfully.


I think what I am trying to say here is I am a little different from most marketers as I like to look after the little guy. Now I'm not trying to paint the perfect picture here as I am also in this business to make money but I genuinely get a great deal of pleasure when I get emails from people I have helped telling me they owe their success to me.


So I am thinking if you have been on my mailing list for any amount of time you already know I am qualified to teach you! And if you want more proof see what other successful marketers have to say about me on this website.


Randy Smith here, John has asked if I would say a few words about the help and guidance he has given me.

I've known John for over 5 years now, ever since I joined his private forum through the "Your Own eBook Business" site. That was a great opportunity to get to know John, and see that he really does help and advise the people who are members of his sites.

I first started asking for John's advice via the occasional private message, just little questions every now and again. He always answered and always gave good advice, so naturally I paid even more attention to what he said.

Long story short - I eventually had a product that I believed could be a good seller. I had listened to John's words about creating my own product and took it on-board. After 'finishing' it, I asked John if he would take a look and offer any opinions and thoughts.

John came back with a plethora of tips and suggestions, causing me to expand my initial work by an extra 30% of really good content and making me even more proud of my work.
(It's strange how some people can draw out skills and talents that we often miss ourselves)

He also offered some solid info on marketing the product (and has done on subsequent products also). The net result was a product that (with more advice from John) has gone on to be a constant seller, and has built my list and brought in sales every week since it launched!

Or should I say that was the starting result!

I've since listened and acted on other suggestions of John's which have lead to the creation of another 3 websites which all bring in regular income. One of which is a product I ended up co-authoring with John, and has received tremendous feedback from all who have read it.

Another which has just been launched is a direct result of a suggestion John made very early in his 'coaching'.... and I have no doubt that will go on to sell extremely well and be a very useful resource to it's buyers.

It would be easy to end this here and just talk of the products I've created and the income I've made through receiving Johns' help and guidance. However - there are also other aspects to working with John that are very worthy of a mention. As a direct result of working with John I have also formed some great relationships and partnerships with other marketers who also have a good relationship with John. The results of which have benefited each of us in terms of both incomes and collaborations on other projects.

Some of the people I now rely on are guys I've got to know because of either a direct introduction from John, or due to me having worked with John and them then approaching me.

Having now achieved a very reasonable degree of success in my own right, I still make sure I keep John informed of my activities, as he still continues to offer support, encouragement and advice that I take on-board and act upon to my benefit.

Finally I would like to add that one of the things that impresses me with John (as opposed to many guru type coaches) is that he is real. He works 4 days a week and then spends time with his family, he doesn't rely on flying around the world to maintain his contacts and keep his income levels up due to a network of big names.... he achieves his success through his own work rate and knowledge, and by building his relationships based on mutual benefit and quality of products....

That's the sort of guy I want to keep learning from, not some overnight success who's here today and gone tomorrow, along with most of what they teach.

Well I think I've said a few words.... loll

But seriously - John has been there whenever I've had queries, questions or challenges, and he's always pointed me in the right direction. I was earning hundreds of dollars a month steadily but with John's help and coaching that's been raised to constant 4 figure incomes. And I'm sure with John's continued support it will eventually rise again to a 5 figure income.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in referring my family, friends or subscribers to John if they are looking for coaching from someone who will ensure their success.

Best Regards,

Randy Smith


Name : John Edwards

Niche : eBay

Blog URL : www.john-edwards-blog.com

Website URL : www.skincareprofitsgoldmine.com

My history of trials and errors in the search for Internet success and freedom started some five years ago back in 2005, I had just had my fill of being the proverbial employee as most have just like you I dare say?

It all started when I searched Google for a small business plan that would enable me to work from home, l wanted freedom, and ownership of my own destiny?

I would buy business blueprint products time and time again that would all promise me "easy overnight success and wealth", (yeah right) let me tell you right now there is no such thing, there is no magic pill PERIOD!

These programs where unrealistic to say the least, and I would constantly fall flat on my face unsuccessful and disheartened, feeling trapped I started to believe there was no hope, it was then I started searching for ways to start and grow a business on eBay but didn`t no where to start, I came across a young guy who was very successful at selling physical niche products and I spent around £535 for a twelve DVD course on how to do this, now to be fair this guys methods work 100% but redundancy came along and I couldn`t afford to buy all the stock to sell, little did I know though that what I learned from that course would kind of be the preparation for the success to follow!

You see all the heartache and stress I went through was a blessing in disguise, because I had learned far more than I realized and more importantly it created the right Mindset I needed to stay in the game!

With this attitude I sat back and thought long and hard until I realized that I had to find a way to start a very low cost business on the Internet that wouldn`t require large cash investments for buying stock in to sell, but how could I possibly achieve this, then it hit me I knew I had to look for a MENTOR someone who had definitively reached the lighthouse and avoided the rocks of failure, someone who knew what it takes from the offset to be an online success and presence and who runs a business with very low costs in overheads?

By this time I had reached 2009, it was late January and once again I was searching for my meal ticket to success in the form of a mentor, whilst looking through the search results the word "masterclass" caught my eye so I instinctively clicked on the website link, and on the page before me was a pitch page hosting the title "John Thornhills Marketing Masterclass" it was a pre-sell launch to recruit students to his course , and also on the page was an home made video of John driving to his home talking about his past and finding success with his business model and how the viewer can do the same, straight away I just knew this was the ticket to ride, I can`t explain it I just knew somehow I could relate to John?

John had all the airs about him of being forthright, honest and a dead cert as a MENTOR, but just as important I had noticed straight away that the overhead cost to this business was virtually zero, well that was the catalyst to me joining up his system just seemed so uncomplicated and straightforward I just had to be a part of it !

Now the course was scheduled for 36 weeks but by the end of it it ran into something like 42 weeks,and for the first time it was a pleasure to partake in studying a business model, the course was laid out week to week in easy to follow step by step video tutorials complimented with an introductory PDF, a fantastic format, John gives his students tasks to be completed over the week like I said via his videos, and the course was structured in 6 phases, and believe me YOU do see your business starting to take shape as you complete them!

Put it this way before John's Masterclass, I didn't`t know what a domain name was, I didn`t know much about hosting a website, I didn't`t know about how to build a customer database, hell what's a blog I didn't`t have one a successful blog, but I do now www.john-edwards-blog.com, and I can do all these tasks and a great deal more, but the most important ingredient that John Thornhill taught me which was so vital to the success of my online business, and that was how to create my very own information product and guess what! I have done that successfully too www.skincareprofitsgoldmine.com!

There is so much more to John's Masterclass, like traffic generation that is the lifeblood to your website's, this also is so vitally important for success of your business you need buyers and John has taught me how to get them with different methods, and all of these buyers come *free*!

So there you have it, John Thornhill was the mentor I was looking for, he gave me the knowledge I needed to create a blog, the knowledge to create a product of my own, the knowledge to create my own sales page, a growing customer base for life, and everything he knows on driving hordes of buyers to your website's, and guess what all you need to do then is repeat the whole process time and time again and grow your business, like I am doing right now. I have plans in place for this year I could only have dreamed of just one year ago, and I know the future holds great success for me!

This is what John Thornhills Marketing Masterclass is all about and more, this is the man that's John Thornhill a genuine bloke who I cannot thank enough for showing me what it takes to be a genuine online success!

Thanks John.... John Edwards.

And to the reader, I hope you have taken stock of this message, and that is to never ever give up on your dreams they will be realized you just need the right MENTOR!

Sincere Regards

John Edwards.

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Before you read any further I have a question for you...


Do You Qualify To Be Taught By Me?


Yes! Sounds crazy doesn't it? I'm trying to sell you a product but I actually need to make sure I only sell to the correct type of person. So if you can't answer YES to ALL of these questions my Marketing Masterclass program is probably not for you.


Are you prepared to work hard? Making it in this game involves a great deal of hard work. Now I am not saying you need to work 80 hours per week but you do need to be prepared to put in around 5 hours per week and occasionally as many as 20 hours per week. So if you're someone who has no time to spare or would rather watch TV or browse the internet rather than work online this program is definitely not for you.


Are you patient? This is a 36 week course, that's almost 9 months. I have devised this course in such a way so no one gets left behind. So if you are looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme this course is not for you.


Are you dedicated? This is the most important quality you need to have. As an example when you get to week 18 and you have spent 17 long weeks working hard do you have what it takes to keep it going? Let me tell you now most people don't so if you're not dedicated please don't waste your time and money and don't apply.


Do you have a burning desire to succeed? It is said every successful online marketer shares this one quality and I believe that to be 100% true. If you have always had a burning desire to succeed then this program is definitely for you.


Are you an honest person willing to help others? I strongly believe this is the number one reason for my success. If you are attracted to this business to make a fast buck at your customers expense please don't apply.


I first came across John Thornhill in 2005 on eBay. I'd been a successful eBay seller and PowerSeller for a few years selling physical items - (actually, whilst writing this I have just checked and I joined eBay on 24.11.01 which is exactly to the day a year earlier than John on 24.11.02 - how bizarre is that?) - anyway, I digress...

I remember that a strange PowerSeller symbol had appeared next to my eBay ID and I wondered what the heck it was and why I had it, so I mistakenly entered `PowerSeller' into the wrong search box (the product one instead of the Help one) and, hey presto, up popped John's 90-Day PowerSeller Challenge eBook (note the significance of a good eBay title for those not necessarily looking in the `Everything Else > Information Products' section). I bought his eBook for 0.99, I think it was, and after reading it in total fascination, I clicked the link to purchase John's `Your Own eBook Business' package.

I was excited to discover not only a great looking eBook website and 100s of eBooks at my disposal, but also an amazing private forum. Looking back now, that forum was only two months old and I was the 162nd person to join and what a total revelation it was. Loads of people offering advice and tips - perfect for someone that felt a total newbie and didn't know what the heck she was doing.

The thing that struck me most, though, was that EVERYONE was learning, even those who joined just two months before on the first day of opening the forum `doors' - including John. Of course, everyone knew that John was the `boss' but he was always there, answering questions, giving tips and even asking questions himself and asking for help. That's one of the many reasons why I had and still have total respect for him - I never got the impression that he was `keeping anything to himself'. Everything was laid bare - he would tell us exactly how he did things, discuss ideas or half ideas he had, ask us questions about our on-line problems, try to solve them - and even told us about any blunders or `cock-ups' he'd made. He was, and still is, totally approachable and always willing to help with anything you may ask him.

When it came to creating my first information product, John was always there with constructive advice and I was delighted that he started to list it on eBay in his own store and still does. In fact every product I have created since has always been sent to John for review and for his opinion, and I've been lucky enough to have him promote them for me, which anyone who has had a product actively promoted by John will know is a terrific boost, both to one's confidence and, of course, financially.

I've always found John a wise, calm, fair and genuine person who has helped me out from such little things as `help, I don't think I've set this $7 script up correctly, what did I do wrong?' To advising me how I could better set up a backend to a particular product. He's even contacted me out of the blue to ask me how I'm getting on with a project and offering to help in any way he can - reminding me that he's there.

Because John is so successful, it's easy to think that he won't have time to answer your questions or to help you, indeed it would be easy to think that small things that you are having a problem with would be too petty to bother him with. However, this is totally not the case.

One of the most admirable things about John is that he hasn't suddenly got `too big for his boots' - he's not turned into some high-fallutin' guru who's too precious to remember that he was once, not so very long ago, dabbling part-time in IM and holding down a mind-numbing factory job. He can actually remember what it was like when he was first trying to get to grips with creating a website from scratch, uploading items to his webspace, installing autodelivery scripts, struggling to create his own product and starting out building his mailing list.

I have to say that anyone considering hiring John as a coach is truly doing themselves an enormous favour. If he can't help you get a successful online business up and running, then no-one can. If I had to do it all over again, I would've bought the 90-day PowerSeller eBook the first day he listed it on eBay - I definitely wasted a few months!

Paula Brett


Name : Steve King

Niche : Golf

Blog URL : www.steveking.biz

Website URL : www.driveforshow.info


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Don't Let Me Make This Sound Impossible.


You may be thinking this is going to be impossible, let me assure you nothing could be further from the truth. I have devised this course with the beginner in mind and this program is perfect for you if you:-


Lack the skills needed to create your own product.

Have not yet started to build a mailing list.

Lack the confidence to create your own product.

Don't have your own website online.

Don't know which direction to take.


I first met John back in 2005 when I joined his "PlanetSMS eBook Seller Program" which I had purchased from him on eBay. I logged into the members area and joined the members forum, I naturally had a lot of questions so I started to ask away, I received help from the other members and John himself.

Once all of my questions were answered, I continued to post on the forum, helping other members and chatting about anything and everything. John had a very strong presence on the board and we soon built up a rapport that would eventually lead to John asking me to moderate the forum with him.

As well as helping with the forum, John always found time to give me advice that still helps me to this day. I remember the very first eBook that I wrote (after John suggested it to me!), I must have emailed John 4 or 5 copies of the eBook for him to review and each time he would come back with a helpful answer that made the product all the more successful when it was completed.

Not content with reviewing the product for me, John offered to help promote the eBook to his existing members and his mailing list. This gave the eBook much more exposure than I could have ever dreamed of and made it a run away success. This was still back in 2005, the best was yet to come!

As we both continued with our businesses, we have stayed in very close contact, bouncing ideas off each other. John is always there to answer questions and give you advice, he is the most approachable "guru" (I said it!) on the Internet.

As well as helping me with product creation, John also helps me with promoting the product. This alone has made me thousands of pounds that I wouldn't have made if it wasn't for the help I received from John, he got me started in the IM business and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be sat here, earning a full time income working from home, typing this email message!


Dan Thompson


Name: Steve Poke

Niche: eBay / Public Domain

Blog URL: www.stevenpoke.com

Website URL: www.fifty-dollarsaday.com

Prior to joining John’s Masterclass course my only real experience in terms of internet marketing was eBay. I had built a reasonably successful business for myself on eBay using, what I believe, to be fairly unique methods. I had always thought that if I could teach other people how to do this and make $50 a day it could be a potential money maker. I was aware of ClickBank and I had seen product sales pages. However I had no idea whatsoever how it operated or how to get my own product on ClickBank.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can easily find out from a quick Google search. There’s an absolute myriad of things you need to learn and understand in order to get your own information products up for sale on ClickBank. I did buy a couple of e-books which were supposed to explain the process but to be honest its not something you can learn to do properly just from reading an e-book and I ended up getting confused with the whole thing.

This is where the Masterclass course helped me because basically, you are taken through the entire process step by step, week by week from setting up a blog, researching a niche, creating your product, building a mailing list, launching your product on ClickBank and marketing your product. I can honestly say that I would not have had a clue how to do any of this stuff had I not taken this course. You simply won’t realise how much there is to learn just to get started in internet marketing. This is probably why many people fail at it – they get information overload and just give up. This is why the Masterclass course is great – you learn everything you need to know but at a sensible pace. Some will find it too slow, some too fast, but you can complete everything at your own pace.

Now I have started to make some sales of my product although I do need to do more in terms of driving traffic and marketing it. I am also now in a position to repeat the entire process if I wish (which is basically how John has built his online business). One of the best things to come out of the course for me has been the interaction with other students. You will seriously get masses of support, advice and ideas here and I would advise anyone taking the course to participate in the forum provided as much as you can.

My plans for the future involve a joint venture for a membership site with some of the other students I met on the course. I plan to do a lot more promotion for my $50 A Day product. I may launch another product on ClickBank although I’m unsure about that at the moment. I have some ideas for further expanding my eBay business and I’ve also got some ideas for doing something on Amazon which I’m quite excited about.

Overall I would recommend the Masterclass course to anyone interested in internet marketing because even if you don’t enjoy it or if you decide that the methods are just not for you; you can take this knowledge (which is really hard to come by, by other means) and apply it in lots of other ways. Plus, I can guarantee, by the time you finish the course, your head will be spinning with ideas about the possibilities for making money online.

Thank you John


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Also don't think that this course is only for beginners. Even if you have had some success and already made a little bit of money online don't think for one minute that my Marketing Masterclass program is not for you. Although I have devised this program with the beginner in mind by the time you are finished you will have taken your business to the next level.


Remember, This is Personal Training Where I Show You EXACTLY
What You Need To Do Build a Successful Online Business.


At the beginning of each week I will send you easy to follow training material. This will be in the form of audio, video and PDF documents. All you have to do is watch, read and apply what I am teaching you. If you run into any problems or need any help at all just contact me and I will personally respond.

You will also receive worksheets and checklists. Simply work your way through your worksheets and tick of each task as you complete it. This really is as step-by-step as I can make it.

You will have an assignment to complete each week. This will be crucial to your success and make sure you stay on course. This will also make sure you learn to work for yourself so you can go out on your own after you have completed the course.

You will watch me create an information product right in front of your eyes. Yes, this program is so different from the rest that I will actually create an information product right in front of you. This ensures that you follow exactly what I am teaching you.

I will also be providing access to a series of live and recorded webinars. This will enable me to train you live and give you the opportunity to ask me anything you like. You will also be able to watch all of the webinars at your leisure as they will all be recorded.

You will receive access to a dedicated emergency telephone support line linked direct to my office. If you have a problem that can't be resolved or you need help right away simply ring me and I will personally help you. How many other marketers have you seen offer live one on one support?


I first heard of John when I bought his 90 PowerSeller Challenge eBook on eBay and later joined Planetsms then joined Mentorship monthly as soon as it launched.

Like many other people who have read John's eBooks I realised I had to create my own products.

I don't find it easy to write, but John said anyone could do it and that it didn't have to be perfect - so I decided to give it a try.

As an eBay seller for many years I decided this would be the best subject for me to write about and as John mentioned he thought people should reveal their eBay UserId I decided I would do this and used my feedback rating as a selling point.

As soon as the first version was ready I emailed John with a link and asked for his advice.
We exchanged a few messages over the next few days discussing the sales price and selling method.

The final decision was to launch my product on ClickBank at $9.97.

John kindly agreed to promoted it as part of his AR sequence and mentioned it on his blog. Just the mention on the blog brought in a lot of sales :)

I added a lot of tools to my JV/Affiliate page and professional written promotional emails as recommended by John. Then when I later started promoting products myself to my list and adding them into my AutoResponder sequence as John suggested I realised the importance of this.

John has so many tips I cant mention them all here...

I would recommend to anyone interested in building their own information product business
that they follow John's advice.

John is by far the biggest affiliate for my report so clearly his ideas work. If you get a chance to get access to John's coaching grab it with both hands.

Keith Purkiss


Name: Jacinta Dean

Niche: Spray Tanning

Blog URL: www.creatingmybusinessonline.com

Website URL: www.spraytanningsuccess.com

Well where do I begin! My name is Jacinta and I have been a student of John Thornhill’s for the last 18 months. My story is probably like most, however maybe a little different. I am from Australia. I am in my very late thirties and a stay at home mum learning how to create a business online while my 2 year old sleeps. (Well she is nearly 3 now!)

For many years during my early adult life I worked in many different jobs, studied different certificates, I even owned a couple of small businesses (lost a lot of money too!) I was never really one to stick at things, I would get bored too easily, not only that I really didn’t like being bossed around and told what to do just to earn some money. Life had its ups and it had its downs however everything changed when I fell pregnant with my child.

During my pregnancy I had to give up work due to gestational diabetes. I had no other income coming in so I decided to dabble in eBay. I had been teaching spray tanning at the time at a local beauty college and figured I could sell the machines and how to kits on eBay. This did work for a while except when I was 9 months pregnant trying to carry large boxes into the post office!

After my baby was born, I knew I wanted to create a business from home so I could be there for my child and earn an income at the same time. I didn’t know where to begin. In answer to my questions I received an email promoting a seminar called “World Internet Summit” I was curious, however with my little one only 6 weeks old at the time I knew I couldn’t go so I sent my father in my place.

My father took heaps of notes and came home very excited telling me a business online was the way to go. I was excited and curious all at the same time. For the next 12 months I researched and researched, bought product after product, got scammed a couple of times by people selling me junk. I must have wasted thousands and thousands of dollars. I was an internet marketers dream! All this time I was still trying to sell on eBay, however my market was getting saturated and it was becoming very hard to make a profit in my niche.

Everything shifted for me in April 2008. I was sitting at a hospital with my daughter when she was diagnosed with a condition that may have needed surgery. (She is fine now and all is well). I was in shock for a few days. My daughter had just turned 1, I had no money, no job, I don’t own a house and nor do I own a car. I took a big long look in the mirror, I cried for a couple of days and knew I had to make a change. I had to do something but I had no idea where to begin.

A couple of days later, yes the world works in mysterious ways, I was contacted by a lady who had a website dedicated to spray tanning. She asked me if she could promote my training manual from her site. I said fantastic and how do I do that? She told me I needed to create my own website and set up an affiliate program. I said OK how do I do that! She told me I had to learn how or get someone to do it for me.

Hmmmmm……No money to pay someone so second choice, I had to learn how! I started reading some of the stuff I had bought, but I ended up with information overload and completely confused. I knew I had to be taught how, but by whom?

One of the products I had bought was John Thornhill’s “90 Day PowerSeller”. I decided to have a read. Something clicked when I started to read John’s book. I liked his style of writing, I liked his honest truth. Being an Aussie we like straight up honest people who will tell you how it is and John is exactly that! This was June 2008. After reading the book I knew I wanted to learn from John and would you believe I received an email telling me about a coaching program John was doing starting the first week of July.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear……………..

I remember the 3rd of July 2008 very well. I was sitting up a 4 am in the morning, my eyes hanging out of my head from lack of sleep, but I knew I had to get a position in the training. It was a good thing I did stay up as the coaching program sold out in a matter of hours! I was lucky. I got in! I spent what little money I had and signed up for the 16 week coaching program. This was my beginning, however truthfully I only managed to complete half of that program, life got in the way and I only had very little time. I kept making excuses.

Christmas 2008 was difficult for me, we did not have a lot of money and I was only able to give my daughter a couple of gifts, and once again I knew I needed to kick my butt into gear. In January 2009 John was promoting his new program Marketing Masterclass. This was going to be a 36 week program. After the experience I had with the 16 week course I knew I wanted to be apart of this one so once again I was up early emailing John trying to get a position.

Again I got on, but this time things were different. I was determined, I was focused, and I knew my back was against the wall. I want a future for my daughter. I want to be able to buy a house one day and maybe even a new car, but most of all I want to be able to provide for my child as a parent should.

From the first week of February 2009 I became a very good little student. I studied hard, did most of my exercises and followed John’s program. Some weeks were easy and some weeks were hard. Sometimes I fell behind in the program and other weeks I caught up. I kept at it even if I could only do a couple of hours or even one hour per week. I kept the momentum going and never gave up. This time I did not let the excuses of life get in my way. I had many an insomnia night, and when I wanted to give up I would take one look at my sleeping daughter and get back to it again!

My perseverance paid off. I now know how to build a website, create a blog, and create a product, set up an affiliate program, drive traffic, market and so much more! Thanks to John’s Masterclass program I now have the tools to create a future for my daughter.

John is like the teacher that teaches you how to fish.

If you are reading this and are unsure about whether you want to sign up to John’s program or not, I can honestly say John is one of the most humble, truthful and genuine approachable marketers you will ever come across. He is real!

This program is not a get rich quick thing, and success will not happen overnight. You need to be focused and you need to treat this program as if you are studying at school. John teaches you step by step the very basics of how to create a business online. He has a “take you by the hand” approach and helps you every step of the way. If you want to find out in more detail about what we have learned this past year I have detailed summaries on my blog.

In the course were we given videos and checklists of tasks each week that we had to complete. Not only that we were also given access to some fantastic programs for free, however one of the best parts about this program would have to be the forum. Being able to communicate with fellow students was awesome. We have become a little internet family in there and we are all encouraging of each other and will always help each other out. I have met some amazing people that I know I will be friends for life, even if we are half a world away!

John Thornhill’s Marketing Master Class Program was the best decision I even made. If you are looking for a mentor that can help you set up a business online from scratch well here he is!

Thank you John for being an amazing mentor and thank you for being true!

Now I can look forward to my future and smile because of you.

Kind Regards

Jacinta Dean

(An Aussie mum trying to create a business online while her nearly 3 year old sleeps! J )

More Case Studies


Remember, This Is Personal Training.

I cannot stress how important this is. Remember, this isn't an eBook that you read and then discover you can't follow the instructions and have no one to turn to for help. You will be personally guided by myself and you will know what needs to be done each week.

And remember I am here to help you whenever you encounter any problems. If you need technical assistance it will be taken care of, or if you just need some guidance I will be personally here for you to steer you in the right direction, but this comes at a price to my time and therefore I must stress that I can only take on a limited number of students at one time.

Hi John,

I can honestly say you have changed my life. Sure everyone might say that, but for me that's the reality.

Even though I just "get on with life" and don't really care - I'm wheelchair bound, and to top that, I was literally recovering from almost losing everything I had after becoming homeless. I was surviving from selling old belongings on eBay...

This is when I discovered Internet Marketing via your eBay Store...

I couldn't believe the income you were making by selling simple information products online, but more importantly helping OTHERS to make money too, and this is why I wanted to get involved with Internet Marketing.

To succeed - I realised I had to learn from someone who was ALREADY a proven success.

I laugh now :) but I remember the day I decided to call you up and get some advice... and even though you didn't know me you helped. You told me the formula for making a LOT of income online.

Fast forward to today, my business Web 3.0 Marketing - is making awesome income, I have recently just done my first $15,000 DAY! Crazy huh?

I have 2 staff, and a new business partner and our own office premises, fit to allow us expand in the near future... and to top that, we plan to hit $500,000 this year, and release a minimum of 10 new products in 12 months, plus growing our list to 80,000 subscribers... and all this by simply following your advice from a phone call!

Looking back, though - I wish your Masterclass programme was around back then, it would have saved me months, no YEARS of hard working and learning.

I can't recommend your Masterclass highly enough... I'll definitely be telling my subscribers, my facebook friends and my Twitter followers to get involved as soon as possible.

Stop whatever you thought you were doing and get access to John Thornhill Masterclass, it will be the best decision you'll ever make in your quest for online success.


Ray Johnson


Name : Stuart Turnbull

Niche : eBay & Internet Marketing

Blog URL : www.stuart-turnbull.com

Website URLS : www.printsmakeprofits.com & www.best20ways.com

My story starts some years ago when I discovered eBay, this site opened my eyes to the huge money making potential of the internet, here was a global marketplace that anybody could enter with minimal upfront costs.

I built a niche business and made a good second income on eBay but I developed a burning ambition to use the internet to earn all of my income and in doing so free myself from the 9-5 corporate jungle I had inhabited since I left school.

In the course of my eBay research I came across John Thornhill and began to follow his ideas.

In January 2008 John launched his first coaching course and this proved to be a turning point in my online ventures.

Through John's easy to follow tutorial videos I created my first eBook www.printsmakeprofits.com which is a step by step guide to my eBay niche business methods. I built a blog at www.stuart-turnbull.com to record my progress and I began building my own subscriber list, this was a major (and steep!) learning curve for me as my tech skills were minimal so I relied heavily on John's support.

Prints Make Profits proved to be a huge success and when John launched his Masterclass program I was keen to take my fledgling internet marketing business to the next level using John's tried and tested methods.

Fast forward to today I now have a second eBook www.twitmasterclass.com on the market and I provide a weekly newsletter to my subscribers through www.stuartturnbullnewsletter.com. My subscriber list is growing steadily and so is my online income!

Writing this case study has prompted me to look back and assess my progress. Before John's coaching I knew nothing about domains and hosting, I didn't know what an autoresponder was I had no idea how to create and market information products or how to drive targeted traffic, in short I was a complete internet marketing beginner.

As an indication of how far I have progressed under John's guidance, before I sat down to write this case study I was working on coaching materials for my own students, yes, I'm now passing on my knowledge to my own subscribers!

So, as you can imagine my life is very different now to what it was like. I feel like I have completed my internet marketing apprenticeship and I now have the right tools and a road map to realise all of my ambitions.

John Thornhill's coaching and Masterclass programs have provided me with these tools and more importantly John's personal advice, guidance and assistance have given me the belief and confidence to realise my online potential.

It is a great feeling to know that no matter what problems I encounter as I move forward and build my IM business John's expert help is only an email away.

I don't use the phrase 'life changing' lightly but John Thornhill's Masterclass coaching has been a truly life changing experience for me.

If you have similar aspirations to my own and you ever get the opportunity to enrol in John Thornhill's Masterclass I urge you to grab that opportunity with both hands, I promise you you won't regret it."

Cheers, John


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I'm In John But How Much For Your Personal Assistance.
If you were expecting this to cost the same as a cheap eBook I'm afraid you will be disappointed, but if you were expecting this to cost what most people charge for personal training you will be delighted, but first of all I want you to ask yourself how much you spent on information products in 2009. Add it all up then you will see being personally trained and guided by myself will make more sense.
Then take on board that some programs charge up to $15,000 per year. And that's for being trained by someone working for a company and not personal. So I know I could charge up to $5000 for my Marketing Masterclass program and I know I would make some sales, but anyone that knows me knows that's not how I operate. Therefore I am not going to charge anywhere near $5000. The price of my Marketing Masterclass program will be just $1,499 (after trial period) spread over 52 weeks. In fact I am so confident in what I have to offer I am willing to let you try out the first 4 weeks of my Masterclass Program for only $4.95 - This means it will only cost you the price of a small pizza to find out if my program is for you. Then if you decide to continue you will be conveniently billed $59.99 every 2 weeks.
By now I'm sure you may have some questions so here are a few I expect to receive:

How does this program differ from your previous products? The main difference is I have assembled everything in a step-by-step easy to follow manner and I have covered everything I know. You also have to realize this is personal training that lasts 36 weeks and I will be personally guiding you every step of the way.

How much can I expect to spend after I invest in your Marketing Masterclass program? There are some things you must invest in such as a domain name and a hosting account to store your websites on plus an autoresponder service to build your mailing list. These are monthly fees that can't be avoided and you can expect this to cost around $40 per month, but these fees will become insignificant as time goes by. You will also need to invest in a few low cost services such as a ClickBank publishers account. Although there are more expensive easier options you can complete this course and the total cost of everything you need should not exceed $200 and remember that is over the course of 36 weeks.
I know absolutely nothing about making money online, can you really help? That is the main reason I have created this program. Even if you just received your first computer today I assure you that you will be able to follow this program. In just 36 short weeks you will have your own online business up and running.
How much can I expect to earn from this program? This is the million dollar question that I wish I could answer but I'm afraid I can't. Everyone is different, has different ambitions and desires and different skills so I can never say how much you can expect to earn but I will make you this promise. I will do everything I possibly can to guide you and turn you into a success. I will be here for you every step of the way and you will never feel alone with no one to turn to.
Do you have a money back guarantee? Every single product I have ever sold online has came with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee, but I'm afraid it has to be different this time and here's why. This is personal training so you already know what to expect. Also, spaces are limited so you will be taking the place of someone else who is willing to pay the course fee. Listen, if you follow my instructions you will not be asking for a refund anyway, but I will make this guarantee. If you invest in the program and find that it's not for you let me know within 60 days and I will refund your investment and cancel your future payments. This gives you a chance to access the first 3 months material risk free. I can't really say fairer than that can I?

What happens after you take my payment? You will be given access to a special members area where your training will begin right away.

That's it, you know what lies ahead, you know what to expect so now it's decision time. I actually don't think I can say anything else now as you probably made your mind up long before you read the sales page. What I will say is I plan to take a handful of people from beginner to expert full time marketer starting today, will you be one of them?


John Thornhill's Marketing
Masterclass Application Form

Yes John! I can't wait to be your next success story and I'm ready to be personally taught over the next 36 weeks how to successfully build my online business so that I can finally start making money online!

I'll be taught the exact same techniques that have been proven effective for you over the years in an easy to follow step-by-step manner.

I will have full access to your staff and you personally for the length of the course and can contact you anytime I like for advice. I can even phone you directly if needed.

I know that this coaching program is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now.

You've made it a very easy decision with your trial offer that lets me try the first 4 weeks of your program for only $4.95, if I decide to stick with your course I will be billed $59.99 every 2 weeks for the following 52 weeks once the trial period ends.

I am also reassured by your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee that enables me to try the first 60 days of the program risk free. If I find that your program is not for me I will let you know within 60 days and I will receive a full refund and will be billed no further.

On that basis I am ready to start right now, so I'm clicking the secure order button below.

Invest In My Personal Training Program Now

Need help ordering, got a question?
Email: personal(at)john-thornhill.com
Telephone: +44 191 5160993

I have spent years and who knows how much money learning how to do things correctly. For one low price, you'll get to benefit from ALL of my experience.

Just think about it this way. For just one low price you can finally be personally taught how to make real money online.

Take part in my Marketing Masterclass program now and let me teach you some of my most closely guarded profitable secrets!

To your success

John Thornhill

PS. If you've tried to make money before and failed then it really isn't your fault. Let me personally guide you and show you how to make real money online!

PPS. Remember, this isn't your usual fluff filled eBook. This is a complete personal training program that will take you by the hand and guide you to online income! Don't hesitate and watch someone else take your place! Invest now.

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